Barley, though considered as nutritious yet is the most unappreciated cereal. Despite having multi-dimensional characteristics, still, youngsters prefer oats in place of barley. Have you ever given a thought to it? Why does it happen? It’s just because we rarely know the importance and key facts about ‘barley’. So, let us not waste our time, but rather probe deeper to understand the benefits and the mystery which ‘barley’ holds. We all must be aware of some of the health benefits of barley, but now for a time being, let me ask you a question, what if I say that ‘beer’ and ‘barley’ are correlated to each other. How would you react to this? I think there is something that certainly grabbed your attention towards my article. Let us try to solve this mystery, through my short anecdote.

Barley - Benefits & Details

Beer or Barley?

Someone has rightly said, one cannot forget one’s best and the worst memories. Well, that all depends on a person’s perception! While I was contemplating what I should write for today? I got stuck in my old memory. Oh! That was an unforgettable day, how can I forget! Because for me, it was like a dream which I never wished to come true. I should stop beating around the bush, and directly come to the point.

To describe that horrible day, even words fall short for it, because somewhere I don’t remember, for the worst part of that day was I missed my flight. What can be more miserable in one’s life than missing a flight? Later, I got caught with one stranger, so to reduce your curiosity it was a girl, and we started talking, which we girls usually are involved in. But in my mind, there was something else going on, what I will do the whole night. Trust me, I am not used to opening up with strangers. But, we all have heard a famous proverb “When you are stuck in the worst situation, anything is possible”. Now let’s come to the climax. I was left with no option other than being with my stranger friend and drinking beer to pass my time. I am not sure whether time passed me, or I passed my time. That was my first and the last time to go for a drink, because it resulted in a horrible experience, and that hangover, oh! How can I forget that? You all must be thinking, why am I talking about beer, you all would be amazed to hear that ‘barley’ and ‘beer’ are correlated even though I was not aware of this fact. When I started drafting this article, surprisingly, I read that beer is produced from barley. Isn’t it surprising? That’s why earlier, I was not able to interpret various quotes on beer which stated: “I like my water with barley and hops”. After knowing that beer is made from barley, how interesting does this cereal sound to you?

Earlier, I used to relate barley only with some bad-tasted cereals, but after understanding its multidimensional characteristics, my mind was not ready to acknowledge this fact. Because how can someone be so stupid, to not know about the cereals which hold various benefits.

To talk about the benefits of barley, I would just say “Don’t be a chaser, just wait and drink barley nut-like flavour”. Now I know why barley is termed as a ‘king of cereals’ even though it’s not as popular as wheat or oats. And, it has its own reason to be called ‘King’. You all will be amazed to know the fact, that barley is considered as the king of cereals, even though we rarely eat it. Now let’s explore various reasons of it being the ‘king’.

Barley: King of Cereals

Have you ever imagined that when on a cold afternoon, when it will be raining outside, and sitting on the roof, you will be drinking a glass of soup, which will not only warm your body but will also provide sudden tranquillity to your heart?

And surprisingly if you are planning to add some whole grain barley to the pot of soup, nothing can match the taste of the soup which will soothe your heart as well as your mind. I feel like I will turn my imagination into reality, after writing this article. As I was going through various articles, I was surprised and quite relieved at the same time to know that nowadays people are more self-aware, and they are acknowledging various health benefits that whole grains bring. As a matter of fact, if we critically analyze today’s scenario, self-awareness and health- consciousness can be considered as one of the main growth drivers for the whole-grain markets.

What attracts me the most about ‘barley’ is its multi-facet characteristics. In today’s time, barley is used in various industries such as food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, cosmetics, and personal care products.

Barley - Kings of Cereals

Even you will be astonished to know if I will share some other concrete facts about ‘barley’! In one of the articles titled Archives of Internal Medicine, it was mentioned that ‘barley’ prevents or reduces the risk of heart diseases. In an era, where almost 90% of people are dying from heart disease, almost all the medicines fail to make an effective impact, barley is proving to be beneficial. One should be relieved to know that even though people are moving towards the technological era, one should not lose their faith in the natural cereals which are available to them.

You all must have got the answer to your question, why ‘barley’ is termed or known as the ‘king of cereals’. Its multi-facet characteristics and its contradictory nature are something that surprises me the most. On one hand, it’s used for making ‘beer’ while on the other hand, the benefits which it holds is an undeniable fact.

Most of the people eat ‘oats’ for breakfast as a part of the diet or to lose weight. Well, even I used to eat it, and the taste which ‘oats’ have is unbearable for me. If I say ‘barley’ helps to reduce your weight, how would you react?

Barley and Weight

Nowadays, youngsters do anything to reduce their weight. We can even go for a ‘fast’ for 24 to 48 hours. For us, what matters is to have a perfect body. So for those people, who are fitness freaks, it will grab your attention. Instead of burning yourself by doing various exercises, go and eat ‘barley’. You all must be thinking why am I saying that? There is always a solid reason of mine behind making any direct statements. Many studies have proven that barley contains a soluble fibre which reaches the intestines and prevents fats from being absorbed in the blood.

If it is consumed daily, the risk of getting fat would be reduced by two-thirds. With obesity comes the problem of arthritis, which is considered as one of the most common diseases that people are vulnerable to. Thus, Barley is like the solution to all our problems. You all must be wondering, what other properties does it hold? Hold on! Because there is something more to it, for girls who are skin conscious, barley acts as an excellent healing property.

Benefits of Barley for the Skin

Have you ever been depressed for having a wound mark on your skin? Nothing stresses me more than a mark on my skin. If you are still depressed about this, just end your heaviness here, because you all will be amazed to know that ‘Zinc’ present in barley helps to heal the wound faster than the other. Isn’t this an interesting fact?

What more does any person would want than this? Barley should be in each of everyone’s households. It can be considered as a solution to all our problems ranging from our health, weight, or skin. As stated above, barley is considered as the ‘king of cereals’ for various reasons, and due to its multi-facet characteristics, it has been produced or manufactured in rain-fed hilly regions, such as Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Bihar. Thus, the growing demand for ‘Barley’ in our country is increasing day by day. Apart from this, let’s try to add on some of the other dimensions of ‘barley’ especially in the context of its import and export.

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