Star anise is commonly known as a badian flower. The earliest traces of star anise go back to China and Vietnam. The benefits of star anise are mainly confined to its oil which is used in cooking and a few other things. Some details of star anise are mentioned below:

  • Star Anise gets its name from its flavor.

  • It’s made from an ancient Chinese plant.

  • Star Anise is used in China after dinners as a digestive food.

  • Japanese star anise is a twin, but a highly toxic twin.

  • It’s been used by Chinese women for a better reproductive system.

Star Anise - Benefits & Details

What is Star Anise?

Star Anise spice is a favorite to many chefs around the world. It’s a spicy spice that can add great smell and taste to food dishes, whether it’s pasta or an Indian curry. It’s used for medicinal purposes to help a lot of problems in the human body including nausea and indigestion

History of Star Anise

Star Anise is an age-old spice that has been into existence since 100 BC. It was bought in Europe by an English Man. It was traditionally used as a jam or pudding owing to its sweet flavor. Generally, it’s grown in the southern regions of China and Southeast Asia. It takes 15 years for the plant to produce seed for the same. It’s also believed to be a remedy for youth and purification. Star anise has the capability to fight off bad dreams if you put it under your pillow.

Benefits of Star Anise

Star Anise has several benefits, as a Chinese plant, it’s been used for a very long time for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Let’s have a look at the benefits of Star Anise.

Kills off bacteria

Star anise kills bacteria and fungus. It has that can make the immunity better.

Tea made using basil leaves has properties that can reduce the allergic reactions of bronchitis and asthma.

Wards off fungal infections

Star anise can we easily fight off fungal infections. They are a home remedy for cold and cough. One star anise tea can treat all the flu-related problems.

May boost heart health

By lowering the blood pressure, the ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic people speculated that Star Anise could get rid of heart problems as it made the blood circulation better.

Natural flu fighter

A great source of shikimic acid, Star anise is said to have natural fighting tendencies against flu, fungi, and bacteria to be precise.

Good for Diabetes Patients

Tulsi is great for promoting the secretion of insulin and affects the functioning of pancreatic beta cells, hence controlling diabetes.

Useful in Kidney stones

Adding basil leaves powder in honey and consuming it can help get rid of kidney stones. To balance the uric and mineral content in the kidney, one can boil the leaves in water and consume it.

Can help regulate blood sugar

For ages, adding star anise to food has been a solution for lowering the blood sugar levels in the human body. It is rich in antioxidants, owing to the property.

Side Effects & Safety of Star Anise

Side effects of star anise are a few to name. It’s better to consume star anise with safety and be on the side of caution than to be the one using it for the medicinal cause.
Star anise is very identical to the Japanese Star Anise which is very poisonous. It can cause seizures. It’s sometimes found mixed with the normal star anise and cases of it being fatal for infants to have also been reported.
Star Anise cannot be consumed in unidentified quantities at any cost as it has some natural properties of causing low blood pressure or lower insulin. This can prove equally fatal for patients suffering from the same problem.
Some skin types are allergic to star anise and can even result in blisters and swelling. The skin should be thoroughly checked before using star anise on the skin.

side effects & safety of star anise

How to consume Star Anise?

Consumption of star anise is for a number of reasons an easy job. Star anise can be used as a juice by boiling it in water and then cooling it down. Drinking the mixture can provide coolness to the body. In Indian Cuisine, it’s widely used as a spicy spice. It’s crushed and used in powdered form. In many cases, it’s also used with milk.

It’s used as an ingredient in special “masala chai”. And consuming it after meals can cure indigestion and bloat naturally. It’s very soothing on the stomach. Star anise tea is also said to be very nice for sleep.

Export Details of Star Anise

Export of star anise has seen its own set of ups and downs but with the increase in the number of people liking home food with the uprising pandemic, star anise export from India has seen a slightly good rise. India shares the import of star anise with a number of countries as China and Vietnam are the main producers. In India, star anise is produced only in Arunachal Pradesh.

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