Indian Apricots Exporters

Apricots are stone fruits that are very nutritious. The Apricots exporter in India exports apricots to almost 95 countries in the world. The combined value of the total Apricots export from India is around 27.97 USD million. The Indian Apricots Exporter exports various varieties of Apricots to many countries including the Netherlands, China, USA, France and the United Kingdom. The Apricots export for these top five countries is worth about 17.4 USD million.


Nutrients Calories - 48 calories
Dietary Fiber - 2 g
Carbohydrate 11 g
Protein 1.4g
Vitamins Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin B-6
Minerals Calcium

Apricots Varieties We Export

The Apricots import from India includes numerous varieties of Apricots including Aprium, August Glo, Autumn Royal so on and so forth. The Apricots exported should be of good quality and the Apricots exporter in India should adhere to the health and safety regulations of the country. The export of Apricots from India includes the following key varieties.


The Aprium variety of Apricots is a medium to large fruit. This variety has clear yellow skin and some plum taste. It is known to be a late harvest fruit. The Aprium variety of Apricots is suitable for export.

August Glo

The August Glo is a variety of Apricots suitable for export from India. This variety is around medium in size. The August Glo is said to have a great sweet-tart flavour. This variety is a late harvest.

Autumn Royal

This variety is of Apricots similar to Blenheim. The fruits are medium in size with yellow skin and slight orange blush. The flesh is yellow in colour and slightly acidic in nature. These fruits can be used fresh, canned, or dried.


The Blenheim variety is medium to large in size with thick yellow-orange flesh. This fruit is a very juicy fruit with sweet, sprightly, and aromatic flavour. This is known to be the classic California apricot. This fruit is ready for early to midseason harvest.


Mormon is a variety of Apricots that is small in size and is orange-skinned with red blush. The fruits of this variety are smooth with firm flesh. The fruits are sweet and juicy. It is ready for midseason to late harvest.


The Earligold variety is a medium-sized one. The fruit is golden yellow in colour with a rich and juicy flesh. This variety is generally used for canning and for eating fresh. This variety is ready for an early harvest.


Floragold is a variety of Apricots which is small to medium in size. This variety of apricot has yellow skin and flesh. This variety is ready for mid-season harvest and is a suitable variety for export.

Garden Annie

The Garden Annie variety is usually medium to large in size. This variety has bright yellow skin. The clingstone flesh of the Garden Annie is juicy and firm. This variety is usually ready for an early harvest.


The Goldcot variety is medium to large in size. The fruit is nearly round with bright golden skin. It has thick orange flesh and is firm and sprightly-sweet flavoured. This variety is used for processing, canning, or eating fresh.


The Moorpark is a large apricot and was developed in the eighteenth century. This variety is juicy and aromatic and has a plum-like taste. With brownish-red skin with spots and dots and yellow to orange flesh, this variety is ready for midseason harvest.


This variety of Apricots is nearly round in shape and medium in size covered with fine velvety hairs. This variety has light yellow skin and deep red blush over half of the fruit. The flesh of Riland is firm and meaty.