Indian Dates Exporters

Dates are fruits are around 3-7 cm long, cylindrical, containing a seed at the centre. They are sweet in taste and have a high sugar content even when dried. Dates are a staple to the Middle-East. The Dates exporter in India exports dates to many countries in the world. Due to the various uses and benefits of Dates, the Dates export from India has been increasing over the years. This is, therefore, a good business opportunity for the Indian Dates exporter to expand his business and enter the international market. Various varieties and qualities of Dates are included in the Date export from India.


Nutrients Calories - 20 calories
Dietary Fiber - 0.6 g
Carbohydrate 5.33 g
Protein 0.17g

Apricots Varieties We Export

The Dates import from India includes various varieties of Dates including Medjool, Hallwi, Zahidi so on and so forth. The premium quality of all these varieties is exported to many countries in the world by the Dates exporter in India. Here are some of the key varieties involved in the export of Dates from India.


The Medjool variety of dates is used in making smoothies, shakes and various sweet dishes. This variety is not suitable for raw consumption. The dates are large and fleshy, with an attractive bright yellow colour and a delightful taste. This variety is also popularly known as the ‘Queen of Dates.’


Hallawi is a variety of dates that is edible in raw and dry forms. This variety is tolerant to rains and is an early fruiting variety that produces a good yield. The average yield of this variety is around 50 -80 kg per tree. Even though this variety can be eaten raw, the dates of this variety are also made into good quality chuhara.


Zahidi is a mid-season cultivar of the dates that show a little tolerance towards high humidity and rainfall. The dates of this variety are semi-dry and are known to be highly suitable for processing into pind khajoor. The dates are small in size and are not suitable for consuming raw.


The Khadrawi variety of dates are slightly less sweet as compared to Medjool. These dates are highly preferred for their soft and silky consistency and golden-red flesh. This variety is available through the fall and early winters. The Khadrawi is a high yielding cultivar with comparatively smaller trees.


The Barhee variety of Dates has small, spherical fruits that are sweet in taste. The dates are smooth and crunchy in texture and a golden-yellow colour. The dates of this variety can be eaten raw due to its high flesh content. Barhee is a very high yielding cultivar of dates with an average yield of about 60-110 kg per tree.


The Hayany variety is mostly a part of many desserts and dishes. This variety is suitable for eating raw. These fruits are soft, oblong and have a good amount of flesh. They are sweet in taste, with a dark brown colour. This makes the variety suitable for table purposes. The average yield of the Hayany variety per palm is around 30-40 kg.


The dates of the Deglet cultivar are available throughout the season of late summer and fall. The dates of this variety are medium in size and are yellow to amber in colour. The dates are crunchy and have a semi-dry texture with a big seed. The dates of this variety are less sweeter than those of the Medjool variety.


The Kimia is one of the most delicious varieties of dates. This variety is popular for the meaty texture and luscious smooth skin. The dates of this variety is brown-black and suitable for table purposes. These fruits may be eaten raw or dry and are a great addition to various desserts.