Indian Pistachio Exporters

The Pistachio nuts are the edible seeds of the Pistacia vera tree. They contain healthy fats and are rich in protein, fiber, and antioxidants. The Pistachio exporter in India exports a huge quantity of the nuts each year. Due to the growing popularity of Pistachios, Pistachio export from India has also been on a rise. This is, therefore, a great opportunity for the Indian Pistachio exporter to expand his business and enter the international marketplace. The Pistachio export includes various varieties and qualities of the product.

Global Market Demand

The Pistachio exporter in India exports good quality Pistachios to various parts of the world. The uses and benefits of the Pistachios are known to people today and so the Global Market Demand for the nuts has been increasing. The Pistachio import from India has thus seen a steady increase over the past few years.


Product Name Pistachio
Origin Central Asia
Family Cashews
Binomial name Pistacia vera


Nutrients Calories 562 kcal
Total Carbohydrates 28 g
Dietary Fiber 10 g
Minerals Calcium
Vitamins Vitamin A
Vitamin B-6
Vitamin C
Protein 20 g
Fats 45 g

Uses & Benefits

Uses :

  • Culinary Pistachios are one of the most antioxidant-rich nuts. They have a high amount of lutein and zeaxanthin, and therefore promote eye health.
  • Culinary Pistachios have fewer calories but more protein compared to most other nuts. The essential amino acid content in pistachios is higher than any other nut.
  • Culinary Pistachio nuts may aid weight loss. In-shell pistachios are said to be especially beneficial, as they also promote mindful eating.
  • Culinary Pistachios are rich in fiber, which is good for the gut bacteria. Consuming pistachios increases the number of bacteria that produce beneficial short-chain fatty acids like butyrate.