Indian Anthurium Exporter

Anthurium is also called the "flamingo flower" or the "boyflower." It is a tropical plant that is said to have originated in the New World jungles of Ecuador and Colombia. The Anthurium exporter in India exports huge quantities of the flower each year. Due to the growing popularity of Anthurium, Anthurium export from India has been increasing rapidly over the decades. The Indian Anthurium exporter, therefore, is exporting more and more products each year. The Anthurium export includes the export of various varieties of the flower.

Global Market Demand

The Global Market Demand for Anthurium has been increasing over the years. This is because of the various benefits and uses of Anthurium. The Anthurium exporter in India exports Anthurium from India to different corners of the world. The Anthurium import from India has been increasing due to the premium quality varieties of Anthurium exported from the country.


Product Name Anthurium
Origin Colombia
Family Araceae
Binomial name Anthurium andraeanum


Uses & Benefits

Uses :

  • Culinary Anthuriums are used as cut flowers. Hybrid anthuriums are popularly added to floral arrangements for their exotic forms and wide range of colors.
  • Culinary Anthurium is also said to have health and medicinal uses. The use of anthurium in steam is said to help for the discomforts of arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Culinary Anthurium is also listed in NASA's air purifying plants list. The plant is one of the best houseplants and purifies indoor air.