Indian Aster Exporter

Asters grow in full to partial sunlight and in well-drained soil. The flowers bloom in summer and usually fall in shades of white, purple, red, and pink. The Aster exporter in India exports a huge amount of flowers to various countries in the world. Due to the growing popularity of the Aster flowers, Aster export from India has been rising over the years. The Indian Aster exporter exports increasing amounts of flowers each and every year. The Aster export from India includes the export of several varieties of flowers.

Global Market Demand

The Global Market Demand for Aster has been increasing over the years. This is because Aster has several uses and benefits. The Aster exporter in India exports Aster from India to different corners of the world. The Aster import from India has been increasing due to the great reputation and the premium quality varieties of Aster being exported from the country.


Product Name Aster
Family ‎Asteraceae
Binomial name Callistephus


Uses & Benefits

Uses :

  • Culinary The flowers and leaves of the Aster plant can be eaten fresh or dried. It is said that the Native American people harvested wild aster for a multitude of uses.
  • Culinary Some varieties in the Aster family were used by Native Americans for external wounds such as sores and swelling.
  • Culinary Few varieties of the Aster family can also be used to treat skin problems and inflammation.
  • Culinary In ancient times, Asters were also used to ward off serpents. It is said that when September flowers from the aster were burned, it would keep the snakes away.