Indian Orchid Exporter

Orchids are known to be one of the most highly evolved of all flowering plants. The Orchid exporter in India exports these flowers to around 20 countries in the world. Due to the numerous uses of these beautiful flowers in different industries, the popularity of the Orchids has been on a rise over the years. The total value of the Orchid export from India is around 0.66 USD million. This is, therefore, a great opportunity for the Indian Orchid exporter to export his products abroad and expand his business. The Orchid export from India includes the export of various varieties of the flower.

Global Market Demand

India exports increasing amounts of Orchid products each year. The top five trading partners of the Orchid exporter in India are the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Japan and the Republic of Korea. The export value of these top five countries is around 0.6 USD million which is about 90.91% of the total export value of Orchids. Due to the good reputation of Indian Orchids around the world, the Orchid import from India has also been on a rise.


Product Name Orchid
Origin Asia and Australia
Family Orchidaceae
Binomial name Orchidaceae


Uses & Benefits

Uses :

  • Culinary The Chinese use orchids for medicinal purposes from ancient times. They use Orchids in the form of medicinal tea.
  • Culinary In India, Orchids are said to best used in the preparation of ‘Chavanprash’. Four different types of Orchids are said to be used in the ‘Chavanprash’.
  • Culinary It is also used to treat malaria, tuberculosis, wounds, cuts and so on. But more research is still being conducted about the same.