Indian Tuberose Exporters

Tuberose is one of the most popular tropical ornamental bulbous flowering plants. It is usually cultivated for the production of long-lasting flower spikes. The Tuberose exporter in India exports huge quantities of flowers each year. Tuberose export from India is considered a great business opportunity for our local vendors and farmers to expand their businesses and enter the international market. The Indian Tuberose exporter exports several varieties of these roses to different parts of the world. The Tuberose export has great demand in the world today.

Tuberose Varieties We Export

Tuberose import from India includes various varieties of the rose including Rajat Rekha, Shringar, Single Mexican so on and so forth. The Tuberose exporter in India exports premium quality roses to different parts of the world. The export of Tuberose from India includes the following major varieties.

Rajat Rekha

The Rajat Rekha is a single-flowered variety released by NBRI, Lucknow. The flowers of this variety of Tuberose have silvery white streaks along the middle of the blade. This variety of Tuberose is suitable for export to various countries in the world.


The flower bud of the Shringar variety is attractive with a slightly pinkish tinge. The loose flowers are ideal for making garland while spikes can be used as cut flowers. The yield of loose flowers is about 15,000 kg/ha/yr. This variety is preferred by farmers and industries due to its higher flower yield.

Single Mexican

The Single Mexican is a single-flowered variety of the Tuberose. This variety produces maximum flowers during October-December. This period is considered as the lean months for tuberose flowers yield.

Svarna Rekha

The Svarna Rekha is a double-flowered variety and was released by NBRI, Lucknow. The flowers of this variety are double and the leaf margin is usually streaked with golden yellow.


The Suvasini is a double-flowered variety that was released by IIHR, Bangalore. It is basically a cross between 'Single' and 'Double'. This variety produces more flowers per spike as compared to other varieties of Tuberose.