Indian Tulip Exporters

Tulips are flowers that are large, beautiful and eye-catching. These flowers are demanded on a large scale across the globe. The Tulip exporter in India exports huge quantities of tulips each year. The Tulip export from India includes the export of various varieties of tulips. Due to the rising demand for tulips globally, the Indian Tulip exporter exports increasing amounts of tulips to different countries. The Tulip export from India includes exporting tulips of various varieties.

Tulip Varieties We Export

The Tulip import from India includes various varieties of tulips including Single Tulips, Double Tulips, Fosteriana Tulips, Kaufmanniana Tulips so on and so forth. The Tulip exporter in India exports premium quality tulips to different parts of the world. Here are some key varieties of tulips included in the export of Tulip.

Single Tulips

Single tulips can be described as a cup or goblet-shaped flowers. The Single Tulips are some of the tallest tulips. This variety can be found in various colours including some unique bicoloured varieties. This variety of Tulips grown well in full sun and rich and fertile soil.

Double Tulips

As the name suggests, the double tulips have double rows of petals and they almost look like peonies. This variety of tulips often exhibit a striking contrast of colours. These tulips are known to have sturdy stems and withstand spring showers and usually last longer than Single Tulips.

Fosteriana Tulips

The Fosteriana tulips are a wild variety of Tulip’s generally found in the mountainous regions of Central Asia. Several beautiful cultivars have been developed from this variety. This variety of tulips grows easily and thrives in full sun, rich and medium moisture environment.

Kaufmanniana Tulips

The Kaufmanniana tulips have petals which are creamy-white in colour from the inside. The flowers are pinkish-red on the outside. Numerous beautiful cultivars have been developed from this variety. This breeding has led to larger flowers with bright contrasting colours.

Greigii Tulips

The Greigii Tulips come from Turkistan. This variety produces single bowl-shaped flowers usually in early-mid Spring. The main colours for this variety of tulips are red, yellow and white. This variety of Tulips should ideally be planted in fall and perform well in full sun and rich and fertile soil.

Darwin Hybrid Tulips

The Darwin Hybrid variety of Tulips was developed in the Netherlands. When the buds of this variety are still immature, they look like small pyramids. These tulips are among the best for naturalizing and they usually provide blooms for up to 5 years. This variety should also be planted in the fall.

Triumph Tulips

Triumph Tulips is one of the largest group of tulips. The flowers of this variety are single and cup-shaped. They bloom in an endless assortment of colours in mid-late spring. This variety has sturdy stems that can withstand wind and rain. These tulips are easy to grow and are excellent as cut flowers.

Fringed Tulips

Fringed Tulips generally bloom in mid-late spring bringing beauty to the gardens. This variety performs best in full sun, rich and fertile soil and medium moisture environments. These tulips are easy to grow and can be planted in the fall.

Lily-Flowered Tulips

The Lily-flowered Tulips variety has slender flowers with pointed and recurving petals. This variety should be ideally planted in a wind-protected location and can be planted in the fall. These flowers are easy to grow and look beautiful when planted in groups.

Parrot Tulips

The Parrot Tulips have been developed from the mutations of some late-flowering tulips and from the tulips in the Triumph group. The petals of these tulips are generally serrated and fringed. As the tulips are exposed to the sun, the open out and almost flatten wide.

Viridiflora Tulips

Viridiflora is basically a combination of the Latin words for green and flower. This variety has been named Viridiflora as all the tulips in this group have a green streak or stripe in the centre of each petal. The other colours of the tulips vary but all Viridiflora tulips have this unique colouration of green.

Botanical Tulips

Botanical tulips have a very natural look and grow close to the ground. They are brightly coloured and look very beautiful during the spring season. This is a wild variety of tulips and does not get bothered by wind or weather. Botanical tulips are great naturalizers.