Indian Amla Exporter

Amla is primarily an Indian gooseberry. It is translucent and green in colour. It derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Amlaki’ which means “nectar of life”. The Amla exporter in India exports huge quantities of the product each year. Due to its various health and medicinal uses and benefits, Amla export from India has been increasing rapidly over the decades. The Indian Amla exporter, therefore, is exporting more and more products each year. This Amla export includes the export of various varieties of the product.

Global Market Demand

The Global Market Demand for Amla has been on a rise over the years. This may be because of the awareness about its various health benefits and diverse uses. The Amla exporter in India exports its products from India to different corners of the world. The Amla import from India has been increasing due to the premium quality and varieties of the products exported from the country.


Product Name Amla
Origin Subtropical regions of India
Family Phyllanthaceae
Binomial name Phyllanthus emblica


Nutrients Calories 58 kcal
Total Carbohydrate 13.7 g
Dietary Fiber 3.4%
Minerals Calcium
Protein 0.5%
Fat 0.1%

Uses & Benefits

Uses :

  • Culinary Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C. The vitamin C in amla is absorbed more easily by the body compared to store-bought supplements.
  • Culinary Amla is also said to be good for your eye health. Research states that the carotene in amla improves vision.
  • Culinary Amla also builds immunity. Amla’s antibacterial and astringent characteristics are useful to boost one’s immune system.
  • Culinary Amla is also a great tonic for hair. It slows down greying, prevents dandruff, strengthens hair follicles, and increases blood circulation to the scalp.