Indian Coconut Exporter

Coconut is very popular in India. India is known to be one of the world leaders in coconut production. India annually produces around 21,500 million tons of coconut. The export of coconut from India is huge. The states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh are major coconut exporters. The coconut export from India has increased due to the worldwide demand for coconuts.

Coconut Varieties We Export

There are several varieties of coconuts available in the market including West Coast Tall, East Coast Tall, Chnadrakalpa, VPM -3, Aliyar Nagar, and so on. Coconut exporters in India export numerous varieties of coconuts to countries around the world.

West Coast Tall

West Coast Tall also is known as ordinary or common tall variety is recommended for large scale cultivation. This type yields good quality coconut juice which can be fermented too. The quantity of coconut juice produced is also good as compared to other varieties. It can be used for edible purposes and soap manufacturing.

East Coast Tall

The East coast tall takes around 6 to 8 years to bear coconuts. The coconuts are smaller in size as compared to the West Coast tall type. This variety is also recommended for large scale production along the coastal lines. You can find this variety of coconut in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Pondicherry, and so on.

Chandrakalpa or Lakshadweep Ordinary (LCT)

The Chandrakalpa variety grows well in all types of soil and can withstand the stress of moisture. The Chandrakalpa type can be found in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and such other states in India.

Philippines Ordinary (Kerachandra)

The Phillippine’s ordinary variety is known to grow in all types of soil. The time taken for bearing for this type of coconut is around 5 years. The average yield per year, per palm, is approximately 110 nuts. The oil content in this variety is around 66%.

VPM - 3 (Andaman Ordinary)

The specialty of the VPM-3 variety is that it is drought tolerant and also suitable for rainfed and irrigated conditions. It has high copra content and 70% oil content. This variety is found in states like Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andamans, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and so on.

Aliyar Nagar

The Aliyar Nagar flowers one year early as compared to VPM-3, West Coast Tall, and East Coast tall. This variety is said to be moderately tolerant to major coconut pests. It has 66.5% oil content and yields on average 126 nuts per palm per year.

Tiptur Tall

The Tipur Tall is a popular cultivator from the state of Karnataka. The time taken for bearing for this variety varies from 6 to 7 years. The average yield is around 86 nuts per palm per year. It has approximately 68% oil content.

Kera Sagara (Seychelles)

Kera Sagara is a popular cultivar of Kerala State. It has around 68% oil content and has an average yield of 99 nuts per palm per year. The time taken forbearing is approximately 6 to 7 years.

Benavali Green Round (Pratap)

Pratap also known as Benavali Green Pound was released by CPCRI in the year 1985. This variety yields approximately 110 nuts per year.

Philippines Tall (Chandrathara)

The Philippines Tall also known as Chandrathara cultivar was released in 1985. The approximate yield per year for this variety is 110.

Assam Tall (Kamaroopa)

The Assam Tall or Kamaroopa cultivar was released in 1985, The weight of the copra is around 189. The yield per year for Assam Tall is approximately 110 nuts per year.


Kalpadhenu is a variety that grows well in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and such other regions in India. The yield per hectare of Kalpadhenu is approximately 22,794 nuts per hectare.

Kalpa Pratiba

Kalpa Pratiba can be found mostly in the states of Maharashtra, Kerala, and some regions of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The approximate yield per hectare is 23,275 nuts per hectare.

Kalpa Mitra

The variety Kalpa Mitra is grown widely in Kerala and West Bengal. The yield of the Kalpa Mitra variety is approximately 80 nuts per year. The tenure required for the flowering of Kalpa Mitra is around 58 months.


This cultivar is of the Kerala state. It has around 68% oil content. Kerakeralam has a time for bearing of 6 to 7 years. The average yield of Kerakeralam is around 99 nuts per palm per year.