Indian Jackfruit Exporters

Jackfruit is a fruit from the family of Moraceae. It may be green or yellow in color with yellow bulbs on the inside. The Indian Jackfruit exporter exports tonnes of jackfruits each year to several countries in the world. Jackfruit has many uses and benefits and is therefore in great demand worldwide. Therefore, the Jackfruit export from India has also been increasing over the years. The export of Jackfruit is also a good business opportunity for local vendors and farmers to expand their business and enter the international marketplace.


Nutrients Calories - 155 calories
Dietary Fiber - 3 g
Total Carbohydrate - 40 g
Protein 3g
Vitamins Vitamin C
Minerals Folate

Jackfruit Varieties We Export

The Jackfruit exporter in India exports various varieties of jackfruits like Black Gold, Cochin, Red Barlett so on, and so forth. The jackfruit exported from India should be of good quality and should also meet all the health and safety requirements of the country. Here are some major varieties included in the Jackfruit export from India.

Black Gold

The Black Gold variety of Jackfruit is an energetic jackfruit, with a dense and highly manageable awning. The fruits are generally medium in size, averaging around 6.7 kg, with an edible flesh percentage of 35% for each. The exterior of the fruit is dark green in color and it has a sharp fleshy spine.


The Cochin variety of jackfruits is small and smooth in nature. The fruits of this variety are small and smooth in nature as compared with other cultivars. This is because the spines squash and fruit opens when matured.

Red Barlett

The Red Barlett variety of jackfruits is an exotic fruit medium in size and oval shape. The tree of this variety should be pruned annually to maintain height and spread of around 3 to 3.5 m. The fruits of this variety are bright green to pale yellow in color and uniform in shape.

Golden Nugget

The tree of the Golden Nugget variety has a fast-growing nature and dark green, rounded leaves. The fruits of this variety are small, green and rounded with fleshy spines on the skin. The spines of this variety flatten to a smooth, golden-yellow upon maturity. The Golden Nugget fruit weighs around 3.2 kg.

Golden Pillow

Golden Pillow’ also known as ‘Mong Tong’, was introduced in the 1980s from Thailand. The tree of this variety is always managed with a height and spread of 3 m and is small. The weight of the average fruit of this variety is around 3.6 to 5.5 kg with 35 to 40% edible flesh.

Koozha chakka

The Koozha chakka is a variety of jackfruits from South India. The fruits of this variety have small, fibrous, soft, mushy, but very sweet carpels. This is one of the varieties of jackfruits exported from India.

Koozha Pazham

The Koozha Pazham variety of jackfruits is a variety from South India. This variety is more important commercially. The Koozha Pazham variety has crisp carpers of high quality known as Varika.