Indian Papaya Exporters

Papaya is a tropical fruit generally eaten for its orange, sweet and juicy pulp. The Indian papaya exporter exports tonnes of papayas abroad each year. The papaya export from India has been increasing over the years due to the growing popularity of the fruit worldwide. The export of Papaya is a good opportunity for local farmers and vendors to expand their business and enter the international marketplace.


Nutrients Calories - 59 calories
Fiber - 3 g
Total Carbohydrate - 15 g
Protein 1g
Vitamins Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Minerals Folate

Papaya Varieties We Export

The Papaya exporter in India exports various varieties of Papayas including Coorg Honey Dew, Pusa dwarf, Pusa Giant, Pusa Majesty so on and so forth. India exports premium quality of papayas abroad. The Papaya export from India includes the following major varieties of Papayas.

Coorg Honey Dew

The Coorg Honey Dew variety is cultivated for the table as well as processing purposes. This variety of Papaya bears greenish-yellow oblong-shaped fruits with orange thick flesh and good flavor. Due to the excellent quality of the fruits of this variety, it fetches good market value.

Pusa Dwarf

The Pusa Dwarf variety is a dioecious variety of papayas with dwarf plants and medium-sized oval fruits. The plant of this variety starts bearing from 25 to 30 cm above ground level and is comparatively drought hardy. Pusa Dwarf variety is very suitable for high-density planting.

Pusa Giant

The plants of the Pusa Giant are vigorous, sturdy and generally tolerant to strong wind. This variety of Papayas is a dioecious cultivar with big-sized fruits. This variety is said to be suitable for the canning industry.

Pusa Majesty

The Pusa Majesty variety of papayas is tolerant to viral diseases and root-knot nematodes. The fruits of this variety are medium-sized, round in shape and have better keeping quality. Pure majesty generally starts fruiting 146 days from the time of transplanting.

Pusa Delicious

The Pusa Delicious is a gynodioecious line with medium-tall plants. It generally starts yielding 8 months after planting and yields good quality fruits. The fruits of this variety are medium-sized with deep orange flesh having excellent flavor. It is usually grown as a table purpose variety.

Pusa Dwarf

The Pusa Dwarf is a variety of Papayas which generally yield Medium size fruits. The fruits of this variety are generally oval in shape. This variety is said to be suitable for high-density planting.


The Co.1 is a selection from cultivar Ranchi done by TNAU, Coimbatore. The fruit of this variety is medium-sized, spherical and has smooth greenish-yellow skin. The flesh of this fruit is orange-yellow in colour, soft and firm. The fruit is moderately juicy with good keeping-quality.


The Washinton variety is a table purpose variety of papayas. The fruits are round in shape, medium-large in size with few seeds. When ripe, the skin of this variety generally attains a bright yellow colour. The average weight of fruit ranges from around 1.5-2 kg. The male and female plants of this variety are separate.


The Solo variety of Papayas is a table purpose variety. The fruits of this variety are small and have a deep pink pulp with a sweet taste. The Solo variety of papayas is also said to be excellent for the kitchen garden.


The Taiwan-786 is a gynodioecious variety cultivated for the table as well as processing purposes. The fruits of this variety are oblong with a tasty sweet pulp having few seeds. The plants of this variety start bearing fruits from 100 cm above the ground level. The fruit weighs on average between 1-3 kg and has excellent keeping quality.

IIHR39 and IIHR54

The IIHR39 and IIHR54 varieties of papayas were developed at IIHR, Bangalore. This variety of papayas bears medium-sized sweet fruit with high TSS (14.5° Brix) and better shelf life.