Indian Pears Exporters

Pears are fruits that are sweeter and of a softer texture compared to apples. Pears are generally elongated, narrow at the stem end, and broader at the opposite end. The Indian Pears exporter exports tonnes of the fruit abroad from India. This Pears export from India has been increasing over the years. This may be because of the several health and medicinal benefits of Pears. The export of Pears includes the export of various varieties of Pears


Nutrients Calories - 57 kcal
Total Carbohydrate 15 g
Dietary Fiber - 3.1g
Protein 0.4g
Vitamins Vitamin C
Minerals Iron

Pears Varieties We Expor

The Pears exporter from India exports numerous varieties of the fruit including Forelle Pear, Bosc Pear so on and so forth. The Pears exported should be of good quality and the exporter in India should adhere to the health and safety regulations of the country. The export of Pears from India includes the following key varieties.

Forelle Pear

The Forelle pear is easy to identify due to its small size, oval shape, smooth skin, and yellowish-green freckled skin. This variety is sweet to taste and delicate. The Forelles are primarily an old European variety. Because of the sweetness and size, this variety is a good fruit choice, especially for young children.

Bosc Pear

The Bosc variety of pears stands a head taller than other pears with its elongated slender neck. These pears have a rough texture with hints of yellow or green. The white flesh of this variety is sweet, crisp, and firm. Bosc pears are known to keep their shape and not turn to mush.

Bartlett Pear

The Bartlett pears come in both yellow and red colours. The red Bartletts are common in the U.S. This variety has delicate thin skin, a sweet taste, and a bite that's juicy and soft. This variety is one of the older pear varieties. It was developed in the late 1700s in the United States. This variety is largely used while baking.

Taylor's Gold Pear

The Taylor’s Gold Pear is a large New Zealand pear. It is almost round in shape and has a golden-brown skin. The flesh of this variety is juicy flesh and smooth that it almost melts in your mouth. This variety is considered ideal for making jams, jellies, sauces and such other products.

Anjous Pear

The Anjous pears are Short, squat, and very plump. The Anjous pears look like they have no neck giving them an egg-like appearance. Both types in this variety have smooth skin with juicy and firm flesh. The green Anjous stay green, even when ripened. These pears are best eaten raw.

Asian Pear

The Asian pears are apple-shaped and unusual in many regards. The shape of these fruits is not a pearlike shape. The texture of the skin is a little gritty and not as soft as that of the other pears. The flesh isn't very juicy and has a crispness that borders on crunchy. It also lacks any pearlike flavour.


Comice pears come in both red and green types. Comice red pears are still new and were first found in the orchard in the 1970s. Both red and green Comice pears have skin that breaks very easily, are sweet in taste, creamy-textured, and juicy. This variety is popular in holiday gift fruit baskets, and thus is also known as the "Christmas pear."