Indian Pomegranate Exporters

Pomegranates are one of the most loved fruits globally. They are generally sweet in taste with a bit of acidic nature. The Indian pomegranate exporter exports tonnes of pomegranates every year to many countries in the world. The global demand for pomegranates has seen a rise which has in turn increased the pomegranate export from India.


Nutrients Calories - 83 calories
Fiber - 7 g
Total Carbohydrate 19 g
Protein 1.7g
Vitamins Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin B-6
Minerals Calcium

Pomegranate Varieties We Export

Pomegranate exporter in India exports various varieties of pomegranates including Alandi, Dholka, Kandhari, Kabul, and so on. The export of pomegranates has become a good business opportunity due to the increasing popularity of its health and medicinal uses. Here are some of the major varieties which pomegranate exporter from India exports

Alandi or Vadki

Alandi variety of pomegranates is also known as Vadki. The fruit size of this variety is medium. The color of this variety of pomegranate is blood red or deep pink. It tastes sweet with a slightly acidic taste and has hard seeds.


The Dholka variety of pomegranates is also exported abroad from India. The fruits of this variety are generally large. The rind is yellowish red in color with a pinkish white aril. Dholka is said to be a popular cultivar of Gujarat.


Kandhari is a variety of pomegranates exported from India to many countries in the world. The fruit of this variety is usually large in size. The rind is deep red in color. The fruit tastes sweet and slightly acidic and has hard seeds.


Kabul is another variety of pomegranates which is exported on a large scale. The kabul variety has large fruit with a deep red rind mixed with pale yellow and a dark red aril. The juice of this variety of pomegranates is said to be slightly bitter in taste.


The fruits of the Muskat variety of pomegranates have a red rind with pink colored arils. This fruit is said to weigh around 300-350 grams on average. The Muskat variety of pomegranates is also exported from India.

Paper Shelled

The size of the Paper Shelled variety of pomegranates is usually medium. These fruits have a pink aril of good quality. The seeds of this variety of pomegranate are generally soft. The Paper Shelled variety of pomegranates is exported from India.

Spanish Ruby

The Spanish Ruby is a type of variety of pomegranates exported abroad from India. It is generally small or medium in size. This variety is said to have small and soft seeds.