Indian Fonio Exporter

Fonio is an annual grass grown for its grain which is generally used to make porridge. The Fonio exporter in India exports tonnes of Fonio every year. The growing popularity of Fonio has led to an increase in Fonio export from India. The leaves of Fonio are blade-like, linear and tapering. The Indian Fonio exporter exports premium quality Fonio to different countries in the world. The Fonio export from India includes the export of varieties of Fonio.

Global Market Demand

The global market demand for Fonio has been increasing due to its rich nutritional qualities. This is a good business opportunity for the Fonio exporter in India to expand his business and enter the international market. Due to an increase in the Fonio import from India, the local vendors and farmers who cultivate Fonio are also earning good revenues.


Product Name Fonio
Origin Africa
Family Poaceae
Binomial name Digitaria exilis


Nutrients Calories 170
Carbohydrate - 39g
Fiber - 1g
Minerals Calcium
Protein 2g
Fats 0.5g

Uses & Benefits

Uses :

  • Culinary Fonio may be consumed after cooking, either as a porridge or couscous. The grain is sometimes also ground and mixed with other cereals.
  • Culinary Fonio grain is sometimes used to brew beers and the straw may be used as animal fodder.
  • Culinary Fonio is said to have a high concentration of iron which helps against anaemia. It also contains folic acid and other amino acids that are beneficial during pregnancy.
  • Culinary Fonio contains certain essential amino acids, especially cysteine and methionine, which help to detoxify the liver and the body.