Indian Spring Canola Exporter

Spring Canola is basically a cool-season crop, adapted to long, wet, and cool springs. It thrives on well-drained, deep silt loam soils. The Spring Canola exporter in India exports tonnes of Spring Canola to different parts of the world. Due to its various uses, the Spring Canola export from India has been slowly growing. This is, therefore, a great opportunity for the Indian Spring Canola exporter to expand their business and earn good revenues. The Spring Canola export from India includes various varieties of the product being exported.

Global Market Demand

Spring Canola production costs are generally similar to or a bit higher than costs for soybean production due to the canola crop's nitrogen requirement. But by taking advantage of the earlier planting and harvest of spring canola, it is possible to devise cropping systems that are more profitable than conventional systems. Owing to the growing market demand of Spring Canola, the Spring Canola exporter in India should take the opportunity and enter the business. The Spring Canola import from India is predicted to grow in the coming years.


Product Name Spring Canola
Origin Canada
Family Brassica napus L.
Binomial name Brassicaceae


Nutrients Calories 124
Vitamins Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Fats 14g

Uses & Benefits

Uses :

  • Culinary Spring Canola contains high oil content as well as high protein content. Therefore it is said to be very useful.
  • Culinary Spring Canola can be used as annual Fromage. In the past, it was used as a forage for field-raised swine and poultry.