Indian Flax/Linseed Exporters

Flaxseeds are also popularly known as Linseeds. These seeds come from the flax plant of the Linaceae family. Flax exporter in India export tonnes of Flax each year. Due to several uses and benefits of Flax seeds, the flax export from India has been growing year after year. Linseed export is thus being considered as a good opportunity for the Indian Flax exporter to enter the international market.


Nutrients Calories - 37 calories
Fiber - 1.9 g
Carbs 2 g
Protein 1.3g
Minerals Thiamine

Flax Varieties We Export

Flax import from India includes various varieties of Flax like Pratap Alsi-1, Deepika, Azad Alsi-1 so on and so forth. The linseed exporter in India exports premium quality seeds abroad. The export of Linseed from India primarily includes the following varieties.

Pratap Alsi-1 (RLU-6)

The oil content present in the Pratap Alsi- 1 variety of Flax seeds is 41.08%. The recommended region for this variety is the Rajasthan Kota command areas. This variety is characterized to be tall in height, erect, funnel-shaped, white-flowered, light brown seed, moderately resistant to wilt, tolerant to rust and so on.

Deepika (RLC 78)

Deepika or RLC 78 has 41.39% of oil content in its seeds. This variety of Linseed is generally medium in height. This variety has blue flowers and is brown seeded and is also known to be resistant to PM.

Azad Alsi-1 (LMS 9-2K)

The oil content in the Azas Alsi-1 variety of Flax seeds is around 39.92%. The average yield of this variety is about 1610 kg/ha. This variety has been recommended to grow in the regions of Bundelkhand of UP, MP & Rajasthan.


Release in 2008, LC-2063 is another variety of Linseed exported from India. This variety has been recommended to be cultivated in irrigated areas of Punjab State. It can be characterized by tall plants, medium maturity, blue flowers and dark brown seeds.

Himani (KL-214)

The oil content present in the Himani variety of Linseed is 36.4%. This variety has been recommended to grow in the regions of J&K, Haryana and Punjab. KL-214 is generally characterized by Blue flowers, small brown, seeds and is moderately resistant to rust.

Bhagsu (KL-215)

Released in 2010, Bhagsu is another variety of Linseed which is exported abroad from India. The oil content present in this variety of Linseed is 36.38%. The recommended regions for the growth of this variety are Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Uttaranchal, Punjab, Haryana.