Indian Meadowfoam Exporter

Meadowfoam seed is basically used to extract meadowfoam oil. The seed contains around 20-30% oil. The Meadowfoam exporter in India exports tonnes of meadowfoam to many countries. The Meadowfoam export from India has been growing over the years due to the rising global demand of the products. This is a very good opportunity for the Indian Meadowfoam exporter to expand his business and enter the international marketplace. The Meadowfoam export from India includes the export of various varieties and qualities of Meadowfoam.

Global Market Demand

Meadowfoam oil has several benefits and uses. Therefore, the Meadowfoam exporter in India is exporting more and more meadowfoam abroad each year. Due to the nature of Meadowfoam, it is very useful in the personal care products industry. The Meadowfoam import from India is therefore expected to grow even in the future.


Product Name Meadowfoam
Origin Northern California, southern Oregon, and Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Family Limnanthaceae
Binomial name Limnanthes


Nutrients Calories 350
Carbs - 57g
Dietary Fiber - 5.0g
Minerals Tocopherols
Vitamins Vitamin E

Uses & Benefits

Uses :

  • Culinary Meadowfoam oil is used in the cosmetic and hair-care industry. This is because of its stability, lubricity, and ability to stay on the skin.
  • Culinary Meadowfoam oil has various qualities which make it highly resistant to oxidation and heat. Therefore it is a valuable material for personal-care products.
  • Culinary The Meadowfoam oil is said to be one of the most shelf-stable lipids known and remains liquid at room temperature despite its molecular weight. Thus, meadowfoam oil is very stable, even when heated or exposed to the air.