Indian Carom Seeds Exporters

Thyme is primarily a Mediterranean herb with dietary, medicinal, and ornamental uses. The flowers, leaves, and oil of thyme have been used to treat a range of symptoms since ancient times. The Carom Seeds exporter in India exports a large quantity of the products each year. The Thyme export from India has been growing over the years due to the various health and medicinal benefits of the product. This is, therefore, a good opportunity for the Indian Thyme exporter to expand his business and earn good revenues. The Carom seeds export from India consists of various varieties.


Nutrients Calories - 305 kcal
Carbohydrate 43 g
Protein 16g
Vitamins Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Minerals Calcium

Carom Seeds Varieties We Expor

Carom Seeds import from India includes various varieties including Annie Hall Thyme, Lavender Thyme Pink Chintz Thyme, so on and so forth. The Thyme exporter in India exports premium quality thyme to different parts of the world. The export of Thyme from India includes the following key varieties.

Annie Hall Thyme

Annie Hall Thyme is a variety of Carom Seeds that are dark green in colour with small-leaved ground cover thyme. This variety is suitable for paving stones or small lawn areas. The flowers of this variety of plants are light pink in colour and the height is around 1/4 inch.

Lavender Thyme

Lavender Thyme is a variety of low growing thyme. It is said to have sturdy little leaves and stems. The scent is nice strong thyme with a hint of lavender thrown in. This variety is often available in plug trays. The trays hold 128 of all the same plant.

Pink Chintz Thyme

Pink Chintz Thyme is a delicate looking creeper that has small fuzzy grey-green leaves appearing close together on the stem. This characteristic makes it suitable for smaller spaces like those between stepping stones or flagstones. The Pink Chintz variety generally blooms very early in spring.

Lime Thyme

Lime Thyme is said to make a great ground cover. The leaves of this plant are bright green lime-coloured and scented. These plants help brighten up darker corners of the garden. This variety generally blooms in the summer which is later than most other thymes.

Woolly Thyme

Woolly Thyme is soft and silvery and tightly knit. This variety makes a great filler for in between pavers or along borders. This variety rarely flowers which makes it a good choice for those allergic to bees. The Woolly Thyme is the greyest of all the thymes and should not be confused with the prolific bloomer and greener Hall's Woolly Thyme.

Mint Thyme

Mint Thyme is one of the thymes widely recommended for planting between flagstones. Thymes usually have fairly shallow root systems so watering well during summer months is essential to maintain a nice green cover. The mint Thymen does not have a fragrance and there is no evidence why it was given this name.

Heretus Thyme

The Heretus Thyme is one of the most unusual ground cover thymes. It has long, narrow, grey-green leaves that give it a somewhat lacy appearance. This variety is one of the tough ones and is a good choice for any garden.

Coconut Thyme

Coconut Thyme does not have a specific smell or taste like coconuts, but it blooms well and grows fast. It can be nicely planted in swaths in front of the Caraway Thyme because both are heavy bloomers blooming at different times.

Lemon Frost Thyme

Lemon Frost Thyme really is known to be a rapid grower with a wonderful lemon scent. It is perfect for covering large segments of the ground. This variety is a great cost-effective way to fill a lot of space. Each cell of this variety is 3/4 of inch by an inch.

Silver Needle Thyme

The Silver Needle Thyme is one of the most unusual ground cover thymes. This variety looks like a stiff little juniper twig but it is soft to walk on. Silver Needle Thyme also has a soft silvery green hue. This variety blooms in early spring and is covered in dark lilac flowers.

Pink Lemonade Thyme

The Pink Lemonade Thyme is a non-variegated lemon-scented ground cover thyme with profuse pink flowers. Generally, lemon-scented varieties either have white flowers like Lemon Frost Thyme or bloom very little. Pink Lemonade Thyme has dark green, closely spaced leaves which make it a dense and fast-growing ground cover.