Indian Bottle Gourd Exporters

Bottle gourd is also known as Calabash is a white-flowered gourd. It can be either harvested young so that one can consume it as a vegetable. Bottle Gourd exporter in India export tonnes of Bottle Gourd every year. The increase in global demand for this vegetable maybe because of its health and nutritional benefits. Bottle Gourd export has thus been on a rise. Bottle Gourd import from India involves various varieties of the fruit.


Nutrients Calories - 15 calories
Dietary Fiber - 1.2 g
Carbohydrate 5 g
Protein 0.6g
Vitamins Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin B6
Minerals Calcium


The Bottle Gourd exporter in India exports various varieties of Bottle Gourd abroad including PMK1, CO.1, Pusa Naveen, Arka Bahar so on and so forth. Premium quality bottle gourds are exported from India. The Bottle Gourd export from India includes the following key varieties.


The PMK variety of Bottle Gourd is an induced mutant from H375 with a yield potential of 25t/ha in around 135-140 days. The fruits are said to be extra long around 180-200cm.


The CO.1 is from the selection from the germplasm type. The fruits of this variety have a prominent bottleneck at the top. These fruits are pale green in colour and yield around 25-30t/ha.

Pusa Naven

This variety of Bottle Gourd is long and straight. The fruits are bottle-shaped fruits and generally light green in colour. The first harvesting of this variety takes place in 60-65 days. The seeds of this variety are suitable for long transport.

Arka Bahar

Arka Bahar is a pure line selection from a local collection(IIHR-20) from Karnataka. This plant has vigorous vines and dark green foliage with a soft leaf surface. The fruits of this variety are medium-long in size, straight without a crock neck. The skin is light green and shiny.

Summer Prolific Round

The summer Prolific Round variety of Bottle Gourds is generally used in Himachal Pradesh for round bottle gourd farming. The fruits of this variety are usually round in shape and have a diameter of 15-18 cm.

Summer Prolific Long

The fruits of the Summer Prolific Long variety of Bottle Gourd are exported to several countries in the world from India. The fruits of this variety are generally 40-50 cm in length.

Pusa Manjiri

Pusa Manjiri is a variety of Bottle Gourd which is an F1 hybrid between PSPR and Sel.11. The fruits of this variety are round in shape and light green in colour.

Pusa Meghdoot

Pusa Meghdoot is a variety of Bottle Gourd which is exported by Indian exporters to many countries in the world. This variety is an F1 hybrid between PSPL and Sel.2. These fruits are long and light green in colour.


The Samrat variety of Bottle Gourd has fruits cylindrical in shape. The bottle gourds do not have a crook neck and are greenish-white in colour. The fruit is generally 30-40 cm long and weighs about 700-800 g. The variety yield is about 43 t/ha.