Indian Broccoli Exporters

Broccoli is an edible green vegetable of the cabbage family whose large flowery head and stalk are eaten. India being one of the largest broccoli producers in the world, broccoli exporter in India export tonnes of Broccoli each year. Broccoli export is on the rise due to its several health and medicinal benefits. Many countries around the globe conduct broccoli import from india.


Nutrients Calories - 31
Carbs - 6 grams
Fibre - 2.4 grams
Protein 2.6 gm
Fat 0.4 gm
Vitamin Vitamin C and K
Minerals Calcium

Broccoli Varieties We Export

The broccoli exporter in india exports various varieties of Broccoli to the world. Some of these varieties are Belstar, Calabrese, Destiny and so on. The broccoli export from india has seen an exponential growth for a few years now. Here are some major varieties of broccoli


The Belstar broccoli variety is an organic hybrid variety of Broccoli generally suitable for spring or summer planting. This variety is very adaptable and is known to produce stress-tolerant plants. It develops a large central head and the side shoots produce numerous smaller heads.


Calabrese, also known as American, Italian or green sprouting broccoli is a fast-growing and very easy-to-grow crop. It grows up to 2ft tall and produces bluish-green heads that are harvested in the summer or autumn, depending on the time it is sown.


Destiny is heat-tolerant broccoli is known to be a good source of Vitamins A and C. This mid-early and compact variety of broccoli variety has medium-small green beads, a smooth dome and is round in shape. It is generally suited for fall harvest when planted in the summer.


Broccoli di Cicco is an old-fashioned kind of broccoli. It's sweet like the common broccoli. It’s said that the giant broccoli heads were developed from it. All the stems and leaves should be eaten from DiCicco. You can basically just chop the whole lot and cook it.

Eastern Magic

Eastern Magic variety of broccoli is called a super-producer. It’s generally bred for the northeast US and Canada. The Eastern Magic plants have a hefty blue-green crown and are said to be loaded with a tangy, nutty, buttery flavour.

Green Magic

The Green Magic variety of broccoli is a hybrid variety of heading broccoli. This variety of Broccoli matures in around 60 days from transplant. Green magic produces large and densely-packed heads. It is known for its ability to produce abundant harvests during the warm spring temperatures.

Purple Sprouting

Purple-sprouting broccoli is a variety of Broccoli which is extremely hardy and can tolerate temperatures as low as -12°C. It is sown in March to harvest in early winter, or from April to mid-June for harvesting from January to May. This variety of Brocolli thrives in a fairly heavy, alkaline soil.


Romanesco broccoli is another variety of edible flower bud of the species Brassica oleracea. It is generally chartreuse in colour. Romanesco Brocolli has is known for its unique appearance because its form is a natural approximation of a fractal.

Sun King

The Sun King variety of Brocolli is known widely for its heat tolerance. It’s said to have a delicious flavour. ‘Sun King’ produces blue-green heads of 6-8 inches in diameter, with several side shoots. The Sun King type of Broccoli reaches maturity in about 70 days.

Waltham 29

Waltham 29 is a variety of broccoli specifically developed to withstand the colder temperatures of the Pacific Northwest and East Coast. This variety of broccoli plants grow to a height of about 20 inches and form blue-green medium to large heads on long stalks.