Indian Cabbage Exporters

Cabbage is a highly nutritious leafy vegetable. Used in several cuisines across the world, the indian cabbage exporter is increasing exports year after year. Cabbage export from India has now thus become a good source of revenue for many exporters. With the numerous benefits, one gets from consuming cabbage and its increasing use in various fields, cabbage import from India is bound to grow in the coming years.


Nutrients Calories - 25
Carbohydrates - 6g
Dietary Fibre - 2.5 g
Protein 1.3g
Fat 0.1g
Vitamin Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6
Minerals Thiamin

Cabbage Varieties We Export

The cabbage exporter in India exports various varieties of cabbage grown in the country. Here are some of the key varieties of cabbage used in export of cabbage from India to the world.

Golde Acre

Golden Acre variety of cabbages are often among the first cabbages to be harvested from the garden in the spring. This variety of cabbages reach maturity in about 60-65 days. At peak harvest time, Golden Acre cabbage plants produce heads that range from around 3-5 lbs.

Early Drum Head

Early Drum Head variety of cabbages is an early maturing variety with flat heads. Its is medium-large and weighs around 2-3kg. The average yield is around 20-30 t/ha.

Copenhagen Market

The Copenhagen Market cabbage is an heirloom vegetable that produces large, round heads. The blue-green leaves of this variety of cabbage are rich in nutrients. This vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked. Copenhagen Market cabbage plants must be timed to mature before the summer heat ramps up.

Jersey Wakefield

This variety of cabbage is popular for its distinct sweet flavour and is said to be great for salads. This variety is known for its quick large produces, dense and elongated heads and can be eaten raw or cooked. Jersey Wakefield weighs around 2-3 lb and the heads have a small core and also good protective wrapper leaves.

Pusa Synthetic

This variety of cabbage has heads medium in size. Pusa Synthetic is a high yielding variety with an average yield of 35-46 t/ha. This variety is a midseason one. The heads of Pusa Synthetic are round and weigh 2-4 kg and can be harvested within 80-90 days after transplanting.


Quisto variety of cabbage is a vigorous plant with blue-green waxy foliage. This variety of cabbage is of excellent quality. Quisto has a very good field appearance and an excellent field holding. It takes about 75 to 85 days for this variety of cabbage to mature.

Pusa Ageti

Pusa Ageti is a tropical variety of cabbage. It is recommended for March and August-October planting in northern part India. The head weight of this variety of cabbage is 600-1200 g. It is generally ready for harvest in 75-90 days after transplanting.

Pusa Mukta

The Pusa Mukta variety of cabbage is a hybrid of EC-10109 and EC-24855 varieties. The plant of this variety produces compact, slightly flat heads, with a short stalk and light green leaves with wavy margins. The average yield of Pusa Mukta is around 30-35 t/ha.