Indian Pumpkin Exporters

A pumpkin is a cultivar that is round with smooth, slightly ribbed skin. The color of Pumpkins varies from orange to yellow. The Indian Pumpkin exporter exports tonnes of pumpkins abroad each year. Due to various benefits and uses of this vegetable, the Pumpkin export from India has also been increasing over the years. The export of Pumpkin is a great business opportunity for local vendors and farmers who want to expand their businesses and enter the international market. Pumpkin import from India includes various varieties of Pumpkins.


Nutrients Calories - 49 calories
Dietary Fiber - 3 g
Total Carbohydrate - 12 g
Protein 2g
Vitamins Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin B-6
Minerals Calcium

Pumpkin Varieties We Export

The Pumpkin exporter in India exports various varieties of Pumpkins including Arka Suryamukhi, Arka Chandan, Punjab Samrat so on, and so forth. The pumpkins exported have to be of good quality and should adhere to all the health and safety restrictions of the country. The Pumpkin export includes the following major varieties of Pumpkin.

Arka Suryamukhi

The fruits of the Arka Suryamukhi variety of Pumpkins are round in shape with oblate ends. The pumpkins of this variety are generally orange in colour. White stripes appear on these pumpkins as they mature. The average weight of the fruit of this variety is around 1 kg.

Arka Chandan

The Arka Chanan variety of Pumpkins are fruits that are medium in size. The fruits of this variety have a light brown colour. Every fruit of this variety weighs around 2-3 kgs in weight. This crop matures in approximately 120 days.

PAU Magaz Kaddu-1

This variety of Pumpkins is suitable for export. The fruits of the PAU Magaz Kaddu-1 are generally round in shape. The fruits are medium-sized and they turn yellow as they mature.

Punjab Samrat

The fruits of the Punjab Samrat variety of Pumpkins are small in size and green in colour. But these fruits are known to turn brown as they grow. The Punjab Samrat is a good variety for export.


The PPH-1 variety of Pumpkins is early to mature variety that comes with dwarf vines. The fruits of this variety are small and round in shape. The fruits of this variety go from blotchy green to brown as they mature.


The crop of the PPH-2 variety of Pumpkins grows fast. The fruits of this variety are green but turn brown as they mature. These fruits are round in shape. The difference between PPH-1 and PPH-2 varieties is the smoothness of the skin on the fruit.

PAU Magaz Kaddoo-1

This variety of Pumpkins was released in 2018. The PAU Magaz Kaddoo-1 has hull-less seeds, dwarf vines and dark green colour leaves. The fruits are medium-sized, round and turn golden yellow at maturity.