Indian Sweet Potato Exporter

Sweet potatoes are basically sweet and starchy root vegetables grown all over the world. They come in a variety of sizes and colours including orange, white, and purple. They are great sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. The Sweet Potato exporter in India exports huge quantities of the vegetable each year to different parts of the world. Due to the growing popularity of these veggies, the Sweet Potato export from India has been increasing rapidly. The Indian Sweet Potato exporter, therefore, has to export increasing amounts of the vegetable each year. The Sweet Potato export from India includes exporting various varieties of the sweet potato.

Global Market Demand

Due to the numerous health and medicinal benefits of Sweet Potatoes, the global market demand for the vegetable has been growing. The Sweet Potato exporter in India has thus been exporting huge quantities of sweet potatoes. The exporters in India exports premium quality Sweet Potatoes abroad. The Sweet Potato import from India has been increasing due to good reputation and the various varieties of the vegetable exported from India.


Product Name Sweet Potato
Origin Central and South America
Family Convolvulaceae
Binomial name Ipomoea batatas


Nutrients Calories 180 kcal
Total Carbohydrates 41.4g
Dietary Fiber 6.6g
Minerals Manganese
Vitamins Vitamin A
Vitamin B-6
Vitamin C
Protein 4 g
Fats Fat 0.3g

Uses & Benefits

Uses :

  • Culinary Sweet potatoes are said to promote gut health. They are rich in fiber and antioxidants that promote the growth of good gut bacteria and thus contributing to a healthy gut.
  • Culinary Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene and anthocyanins. These antioxidants may help prevent vision loss and improve your eye health.
  • Culinary As said earlier, sweet potatoes are a rich source of beta-carotene which can be converted to vitamin A. This, therefore, supports your immune system and gut health.
  • Culinary Some animal studies have shown that sweet potatoes may improve brain health by reducing inflammation and preventing mental decline. But more research is required in this field.